An artist takeover at the Abingdon Visitor Center





The arts are woven in to the community in Abingdon, and now the Abingdon Convention & Visitors Bureau will highlight a new local artist each quarter with its Artist Takeover program.   Every few months, a new artist will take over the ground floor of the Abingdon Visitor Center at 335 Cummings Street, with a wall-sized art installation, and an exhibit of their artwork, which will be for sale to the public.  The program launches with painter James E. Turner, and the public is invited to a gallery opening as part of Abingdon’s First Thursday gallery crawl, Thursday October 6, 2016 at 5:00pm.

The Artist Takeover will highlight Abingdon’s art scene, and give artists without a studio space of their own a place to display.  Each artist will be asked to design and install a full wall-sized mural in the Visitor Center, which will then be painted over for the next artist taking over the space.

james-turner-fine-artJames E. Turner, also known as Corry the Psychic, is currently in residence at the Visitor Center, painting a painting a 6-foot-high canvas “mural” for the gallery.  Turner, who is also a practicing psychic, creates “spirit paintings,” applying multiple layers of iridescent colors to create abstract, organic shapes.

“As an artist with a brain condition, I capture the beautiful visions I experience,” Turner says.  “They are wheels within wheels and circles within circles.  Colors are cheerful, vibrant, flat, glossy, matt, metallic, and iridescent.   The work changes as the light changes and they are seen from different angles.  They glow in dim light reflections and burst into radiance with daylight.  A photo doesn’t capture the real appearance any more than iridescent butterfly wing can be captured in a photo.”

turner-wheels-within-wheels-_6There will be an opening reception Thursday October 6, 2016, from 5:00 to 7:00pm at the Abingdon Visitor Center at 335 Cummings Street, in conjunction with Abingdon’s First Thursday.  For more information on the First Thursday gallery crawl, visit the facebook page at /abingdonfirstthursday.

For more information on James E. Turner, visit  and to learn more about his alter ego, Corry the Psychic, visit