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As told by our locals...

Our new video series takes a look at what makes Abingdon so special, as told by locals.  

Want to meet them in person? Plan your trip to Abingdon, and then drop by the Visitor Center for more information.  You might just bump in to Mary Ann biking the Creeper Trail, or Eugene having coffee on Main Street.  You'll almost certainly hear Jack welcome you with "Mornin'!" - no matter what time of day.  

It's always play time in Abingdon. How will you choose to play?

Part 1: "There are no airs"

Chef Jack Barrow is an Abingdon native who has traveled all over the world, before returning home to open 128 Pecan, a local favorite.  Jack describes the restaurant as having "a very open door atmosphere with a Hey how are ya today? kinda attitude." 

With over 30 locally-owned eateries, it's easy to see why Abingdon is a culinary destination. Restaurants range from authentic mom-and-pop diners to innovative fine dining. What they all seem to share is a commitment to great tasting food and warmly personal service.  

Come see why Abingdon's food scene was just named Best Small Town Food Scene in the country.

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Part 2: "Out of the dirt"

Eugene Wolf first joined the Barter Theatre's Resident Acting Company in 1997. He has since been in countless Barter productions throughout his career, making him one of Barter Theatre patrons' most beloved performers. He has been a member of the country-singing duo The Brother Boys for 30 years and appeared on albums with Jerry Douglas, Dolly Parton and Alison Krauss.

Barter is the center of Abingdon's arts scene, which also includes art museums, galleries and music venues. 

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Part 3: "A peace that I don't get anywhere else"

In June 1987, upon an act of Congress the previous year, the Virginia Creeper Trail was dedicated as a National Recreation Trail. In the mid-summer of 1989, repairs and construction from Abingdon to Whitetop Station were finally complete and, following the winding, breathtaking path to the upper reaches of the second highest mountain in the Commonwealth, the Virginia Creeper Trail was opened.

Today, the Creeper Trail is maintained by public-private partnerships between the US Forest Service, the towns of Abingdon and Damascus, and member volunteers of the Virginia Creeper Trail Conservancy, known as “Creeper Keepers”.

The Virginia Creeper Trail Conservancy has an excellent history of the trail, which now serves as a powerful economic engine for Southwest Virginia. 

A guide to the Virginia Creeper Trail
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