Harvest Table Restaurant

The restaurant prefers to serve foods with a low carbon footprint. All meats are pasture-​raised and finished, and all of the seafood is wild and sustainably harvested from the Carolina and Virginia shores. In addition to the produce grown on the Harvest Table Farm, you'll find products from over 50 regional farmers, gardeners and ranchers. Even the beer & wine menu is from local and regional sources, offering wines, beers, and hard ciders from Virginia.

In addition to the local-​foods restaurant, check out the Meadowview Farmers’ Guild General Store that carries food items and handmade goods from over 170 local craftspeople and artisans. The Harvest Table is located in a pair of renovated buildings on the old town square in Meadowview, VA.

Harvest Table Restaurants also offers catering, including a portable smoker for on-site barbecue, and can accommodate weddings and special events. Call for more information.