James E Turner Fine Art Gallery

The lovely gallery has about five dozen paintings of various sizes.  Every painting is dramatically different but of the same subject: the spirits James sees in his visions which are glowing balls of bright colors.  Some are done as groups using similar color and motif yet they are sisters, not twins.   No photo does justice.

“Wheels Within Wheels” is the title of all the paintings inspired by the writings of Ezekiel and his visions of a flaming chariot.  There is a commentary on the paintings, Bio on the artist, and an occasional blog about creativity.

The cozy front room is prefect to have a cup of tea and discuss Art and the Spirit Realm.   Many visitors have lingered for hours encouraged to express their feelings and ideas with James. He is also a gifted Palmist using the stage name Corry entertaining visitors at no charge.   www.corrythepsychic.com

Turner Wheels Within Wheels  6