Tree of Life Apothecary

Experience Abingdon's first Herbal Apothecary! We have specially curated over 180 bulk herbs and spices, 200+ essential oils and herbal extracts, tinctures and herbal supplements for your health and wellness needs.


Bulk Herbs & Spices, Essential Oils, Tinctures, Bath/Body Products, Soaps and Sundries, DIY Essential Oil Supplies, Incense, Smudge sticks, Hydrosols, Carrier Oils, diffusers, herbal supplements, jewelry, tapestries, gemstones and rocks/minerals.

The Tree of Life Apothecary offers the largest number of herbal tinctures, extracts and essential oils within the entire Tr-Cities area with over 200 essential oils and over 400 herbal tinctures. We also have an extensive line of bulk herbs, teas and spices at a fraction of the cost of bottled spices.

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