Oct 31, 2020
Family Fun
Abingdon Main Street Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Main Street, 3:00 PM-7:00 PM

Join Abingdon Main Street in a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Follow the clues around town to complete a spooky mission and earn your reward!

The AMS Scavenger Hunt is a way that families in our community can enjoy Halloween in a safe and socially distanced way. Participants are tasked with getting their pumpkin to the Halloween Tree and have to figure out clues to get them to each location. There are two paths to choose from. You'll get a map and paper pumpkin at both starting locations. The Big Scare starts at Mamma Mia and is a 20 stop scavenger hunt that will lead you through downtown Abingdon as you figure out clues to lead you to your final destination. This 2 mile walk will take you approximately an hour and a half to complete-if you've got your wits about you! If you have smaller ghouls or goblins who may not be up for a longer trek around town or you are in the middle of the existential crisis that is 2020 you can choose The Little Pumpkin Walk. Starting at Willow Tree Wellness, the last 10 stops of the trail involve less street crossings and are about a quarter of a mile, which makes it a good choice for monsters with little legs and tired mummies. (We won't tell if you don't!)

In lovely downtown Abingdon this path may lead you across brick sidewalks, gravel walkways, trails, and other challenges beyond just your mental clue deduction skills. This adventure may not be suitable for everyone, so enter at your own risk-if you DARE!Participants are required to wear a cloth mask during this event as our main objective is to keep everyone in our community safe.