Oct 09 - Nov 09, 2020
Family Fun | Performances | Fall
Barter Theatre presents Dracula

Moonlite Drive-In

Adapted from Bram Stoker's Novel

The vampire Dracula flees Transylvania for London, where the teeming population provides ample fodder for his blood-thirst. Only Abraham Van Helsing, the world famous metaphysician, has a hope of stopping the Prince of the Undead. Can Van Helsing save the day? Or will his heroic efforts merely render him the next victim to Dracula’s deadly bite? A fresh new take on a timeless horror classic.

Barter Theatre, the state theater of Virginia, presents a series of live performances at the historic Moonlite Drive-In. Performers are simulcast on the big screen, and audio is broadcast to your car radio for a completely touchless experience.

For more information on Barter at the Moonlite Drive In, visit https://bartertheatre.com/barter-at-the-moonlite