Aug 29, 2020
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Ron Short and the Possum Playboys Live!

Damascus Old Mill, 7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Ron Short and The Possum Playboys celebrate all the vibrant American folk music forms that have created a landscape of musical culture in America making this country unlike any other place on the planet!
"The Playboys" are keeping alive and vibrant the tradition of bands that once traveled the back-roads of America, playing music that pleases and satisfies the eternal human longing for dance and community celebration!

Featuring fiddle and “Cajun” accordion, "The Playboys" play a lively mix of Appalachian jam band music, from swamp to swing, rock to bop --- that sets feet tapping, hips swinging, and people singing! While the musical traditions may be familiar, the songs and interpretations are fresh and new and nearly every show features at least 50% new music written by Ron Short !
Ron Short and The Possum Playboys have been featured at Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion Music Festival, Floydfest, Riverfront Festival of Music, Appalachian Trail Days and nearly every music venue in E. Tenn, SWVA and E.KY.
They have recorded two CDs “ Rooster Named Jack “ and “ Hillbilly Highway” at Grammy Award winning studio, Maggard Sound!

"Chicken-plucking, Hog-wallering, Mud-slinging, Rock'n Roll!"