The 10 most romantic places in Abingdon

Folks know that Virginia is for lovers, and Abingdon, Virginia, is an especially cozy and romantic town. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve narrowed down our top 10 spots to share with your sweetie. Some places can be found in Abingdon’s most well-known destination points, but others are tucked out of the way.

The Martha aerial cropped Sam Dean

10. Hidden Valley Lake

The switchbacks over the mountain to reach Hidden Valley Lake is an exciting drive, and the end result is worth creeping around those hairpin turns. This lake is serene and stunning – and so are the views from nearby trails.

It’s a great place to bring your canoe or kayak, hike up the mountain, or just sit on the shore and enjoy looking at the water while you enjoy each others company.


9. William King Museum of Art

The second-floor landing at William King Museum of Art offers a stunning view over the town and nearby mountains. This part of the regional art museum is not typically crowded, making it a great place to stop and pause to put your arm around the one you love while you both enjoy the view in between exhibits.

And, of course, bonding over artwork – these exhibits represent Appalachian heritage as well as contemporary art – is a great way to let your honey know you’ve got a sense of culture.

8. The Fountain at Barter Theatre

Carefully crafted by celebrated award winning artist Charles Vess, the sculpted water fountain on Main Street in between Barter Theatre and Barter Stage's Smith Stage represents the fairy queen Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Shakespeare classic.

Whether daytime or night, it’s a lovely spot to sit and engage in the generations-old tradition of making wishes and sharing hopes and dreams.

detail of fountain sculpture Barter Theatre

7. Historic Main Street

The historic heart of downtown Abingdon is a great place to walk, admiring the old buildings under towering trees. Walking hand-in-hand, you can also explore the restaurants and shops along the way, going with the flow on a relaxed adventure together.

Take a self-guided walking tour of the historic district, provided by the Abingdon Visitor Center

Main St Flowers

6. White’s Mill

Just outside of Abingdon, this historic grist mill can be found driving down White’s Mill Road. Painstakingly restored to look like it did in its heyday, White’s Mill offers a step back in time to the way Abingdon was years ago.

Nearby Route 700 is one of the best places around for a scenic drive or bike ride through a valley drenched in sunshine and mountain views.

5. The Martha Washington Inn and Spa

This central Abingdon landmark is home to a lot of history, ghost stories, and experiences to explore with your mate. Even if you’re not staying at the Martha, a stroll through the grounds can set the mood perfectly before you eat at the on site restaurant, Sisters American Grill, a longtime date-night favorite.

The Martha is renowned for their luxury spa, as well. Indulge in a couples massage and afterwards take a dip in the saltwater pool or outside jacuzzi.


4. Bridge over the train tracks at Depot Square

Depot Square is the landscaped parking area behind the post office, adjacent to the Arts Depot and the old passenger station. A boardwalk that runs parallel to the railroad tracks connects this area to the Abingdon Farmers Market pavilion.

The boardwalk itself is a great place for a stroll, but the spot to take your sweetie is the iconic metal foot bridge that runs over the tracks. It’s a great place for sunset views, and a place to pause above the world around you and enjoy each other’s presence.

If you’re lucky, you might get a bird’s eye view of a passing train.

Train Station and tracks aerial

3. Box seats at Barter Theatre

There’s something about seats in the balcony, looking down at the Gilliam Stage above a crowded theatre, that makes a date-night visit to the Barter seem especially intimate.

Yes, there are people around, but watching a live play is a much more personal experience than simply taking a trip to a movie theatre, and although Barter doesn’t have a dress code, attending the theatre is a great excuse to dress your best.

Barter Theatre has always been known as a popular proposal spot, too. If this idea enchants you, contact Barter directly and they’ll help you arrange the details.

2. Stay at a bed & breakfast or inn

At last count, Abingdon had more than a dozen unique lodging establishments offering quaint, small-scale lodging more reflective of the town’s character than the hotels along the Interstate.

Nothing says romantic getaway like a couple of nights in a historic house with a hospitable host – or, if you prefer, a unique Airbnb rental that you and your better half have all to yourselves.

A Tailor's Lodging bedroom credit Jason Barnette

1. Virginia Creeper Trail

You’ve probably heard it already at this point, but the Virginia Creeper Trail really is a local gem.

Whether your level of athleticism makes you game for a 68-mile round-trip bicycle ride or just a short stroll from the Abingdon trail head, the Creeper is the best and most convenient place in town to take a step into nature.

The wide and well-maintained former railroad bed is tame enough for a hand-in-hand evening walk but long enough for an all-afternoon downhill ride (with a shuttle service to bring you back).

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