Abingdon Vineyards

Come for a tasting and a picnic on our beautiful riverfront property! Kids, dogs and kayaks welcome!

Abingdon Vineyards was started in 2001 by Bob Carlson and Janet Nordin, as their retirement project. In 2018, the Gardner Family stumbled upon the beautiful gem and moved from California to Virginia to grow the legacy of Abingdon Vineyards. It's a family affair - these families, along with many friends and volunteers, work together to tend to the land, grapes, wine and our guests. 

Southwestern Virginia is a lovely region, known for hiking, biking and fishing. We have world class theatre, excellent restaurants and outstanding food, craft and music artisans. Abingdon Vineyards is on the South Holston River, a perfect spot to relax with a wine tasting and picnic!

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